W tym wpisie znajdziesz najpiękniejsze ciała z Instagrama, które inspirują nas do ćwiczeń.

Jeśli pracujesz nad swoją sylwetką (lub masz taki zamiar) to z pewnością szukasz sposobów na zmotywowanie się do ćwiczeń i trzymania „czystej michy”. Dobrym sposobem jest przeglądanie zdjęć osób o idealnych figurach. Często to właśnie tego typu fotki mobilizują nas najbardziej do działania. W tym wpisie przedstawiamy body goals, czyli najpiękniejsze naszym zdaniem ciała z Instagrama.

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Right it’s probably the hardest time to start a diet just before Christmas .. I’m clearing up the empty mince pie boxes evidence this morning 🤣Starting my day with a @womensbest vegan shake to up my protein intake today as I’m training. I’m going to start counting my calories and using my heart monitor to measure how many calories I’m burning. The food I’ll be eating is the set meal plan from my “ Yummy Tummy Guide “ then a week before I go away illl start the water weight reduction week that’s in the guide. My goal is to lean my stomach down but keep shape and size in my booty.. same as this throw back photo from summer. I’ve been out a lot this month so I feel finnished before Christmas has even started BUT just as important balance is … I’m now crossing the line of balance and becoming unbalanced because I ate the whole box of mince pies & chocolate 4 days in a row and then some 🤣🤭

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Bye winter 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 @vincijaswim

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💭 Aren’t we all living in our own bubble of life? Have you ever looked at other people on the street and reminded yourself that each and every person has a place to go right now, a task to fulfill, something to think about, someone who make them smile, a problem they worry about and most importantly: a MEANING. We have different things we focus on & still have touchpoint that connect us. And that’s why everyone has a completely different perception of his surrounding 🤷🏼‍♀️ What is cool for me, might be stupid for you. What you think is ugly, is maybe beautiful in my opinion. We see it with our own eyes, and we all see it differently. Some may judge and think their reality is the only truth. But there are a billion realities.. is that bad or good? From my point of view: it’s something beautiful. I hope it’s beautiful in your reality as well haha. #happysunday

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