The casino scene is packed with many types of games. As developers fight to outdo each other to win the hearts of more players, they keep producing new and electrifying games. The stiff competition has given rise to an unusual genre of casino games that take the levels of excitement several notches higher for online casino players.

Well, most people are used to the usual array of casino games like slots and table games, which of course, are all fun to play. However, if you a fan of casino games in the pursuit of something different when you play online, then you?ll be blown away by what you?ll find on online casino sites. Moreover, even if you prefer classic casino games, it won’t hurt to diversify your portfolio from time to time for the sake of new and unusual experiences.

Some of the most unusual casino games you can relish today include:

Football Manager

Ever wondered how it would feel to manage a football team? You can experience the thrills of the football world and become your own version of Manchester City?s Pep Guardiola or Liverpool?s Jurgen Klopp in the Football Manager multi-player instant casino game.

The Football Manager game offers you the chance to compete with thousands of managers worldwide in a one-of-a-kind gambling experience. What makes this unusual casino game even more exciting is a ranking system where the highest achievers are placed on a premium leaderboard of the top 100 managers list. If you have a competitive spirit in you, then you?ll be dreaming of making it to this list as you play Football Manager.

In the game, you?ll be working with a sports exchange where you?ll be going head-to-head against thousands of managers globally to make the most profit from selling football players? services. That?s not all, though. You are also offered the chance to check on the progress of other players you may want to acquire in real time so that you can make split-second decisions. You?ll encounter almost everything real-life managers have to deal with as you enjoy the Football Manager game.


Aviator is one of the best unusual casino game titles for big risks takers. Generally speaking, the game is quite simple to understand. It consists of an increasing curve that may crash at any time. The beginning of the game heralds the start of a rising multiplier, meaning that as the game advances, so does the prospect of bagging bigger wins. Take note of the plane?s height as it is the coefficient by which your earnings will be multiplied.

Aviator is a game of delicate balance that tests whether your appetite for massive wins or your senses prevails at the end of the day. It is an enthralling nail-biting game that keeps you on your toes. You blink and potentially lose out on what you could have earned. But, on the other hand, if the plane stops climbing before you buy out, then you will have lost. So, you must make sure that you hold on enough to collect sizeable wins but cash out before the descent begins.


Adored across the world, Dreidel is a game associated with the Jewish community as it is mainly played during the Hanukkah festival. It is a game that you will find quite easy to understand as you are supposed to spin a four-sided dreidel, and your fate is hinged on the side it lands on. The outcomes reflect the following:

If the dreidel lands on the ?Gimel? side, you will keep everything, but if it lands on the ?Nun? side, you, unfortunately, get nothing. Meanwhile, getting the ?Hey? side places you on a 50-50 split where you?ll get half the pot. Finally, if the dreidel lands on the ?shin? side, you get an additional bet and take another spin, which could open you up for bigger payouts.


The concept of war games takes the shape of a card game where you and the dealer get one card each. After the dealing round, you are supposed to bet on who will draw the higher card between you and the dealer. Whoever draws a higher card wins. It?s that simple, really. If it ends in a draw, you may choose to go to ?War,? indicative of the origin of the game?s name. Going to war means you get an additional card each to battle it out for the bragging rights. Simple but super exciting, right?

Expand Your Casino Gaming Horizons

One of the most interesting features of the online gambling world is that the scene keeps evolving to ensure that players are entertained. With these emerging unusual casino games, you don?t have to be boxed into sticking with the traditional casino games. So, which other unusual gambling games have you encountered as you play online? Drop a comment with your favorite recommendations!

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